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  • Regular cuts- $25+ $35+

    It’s time for a Haircut. Shaping your hair can be part of the simple upkeep of the style you currently have (Trim) or it may be a fashion statement (Haircut). Come in for a Free Consultation with our Cosmetologists to determine what style is in and how can we change or update your look with a simple haircut. Take a look at our Hair Gallery and see what we can do for you.

  • Razor haircut- $45+

    Razor cuts versus scissor cuts means different cutting techniques. These techniques require special training to master. The overall effect is textured, choppy and messy. A razor haircut can be used on hair of any length, but not every type. It is not good for thin, straight hair, which lacks the volume and movement a razor haircut requires. It is not recommended for curly hair. For those who are suited to and love a razor haircut, the cut gives them a funky, edgy, just-rolled-out-of-bed look that is very popular.

  • Men’s cuts- $20+

    Your hair needs to match your personality. You have to feel confident and comfortable with your new look. Based on your personal consultation, our hair stylists can create traditional to edgy looks. Even if you suffer from hair loss there are plenty of hairstyles to bring a stylish, fashionable look to your persona.

  • Student /Boys Cut $15

    We offer youthful and fun haircuts for 10 years old and up. Our Salon offers affordable Boys Haircuts with style. Let us use the new trends to turn you into the next teenage heartthrob.


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  • Balayage- $120+

    With traditional foils, the highlights are uniform and defined. Balayage, taken from the French word meaning “to sweep”, is a freehand technique in which swatches of hair are sectioned and hand painted against a backing board with a lightening agent. After painting, each swatch is covered in cellophane. As balayage highlights are less systematically placed, you end up with fatter, less symmetrical, more random highlights, resulting in a more casual, beachy finish.


  • Ombre- $90+

    What is the deal with Ombre Hair Color? A few months ago my hair stylist says, “You should darken the top and lighten up the ends of your hair.” I said “Isn’t that called roots?” She said “NO this is Ombre style hair coloring.” Once said to me I started noticing that tons of celebrities are sporting this type of hair color. If done properly it actually looks pretty cool. The demand for dark roots and lighter ends started a few years back, worn by everyone from Alexa Chung and Rachel Bilson to Drew Barrymore and Dree Hemingway. Ombré can feature quite a stark dark-to-light fade – making sombré (“subtle ombré”) a much more nuanced take on the dip-dye trend.

  • Sombre $90+

    SWith sombré, championed by celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Cara Delevingne and Jessica Alba, the lighter sections start up a bit higher and the lower lengths have ribbons of dark colour for a more gradual transition. Just like its predecessor, the worn-in look is perfectly low-maintenance. There’s no need for constant touch-ups due to there being no clear demarcation line or regrowth – making it an economical option, too.


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  • Root color- $55+

    You think you can get away with stretching the time between coloring appointments and then – WHAM! –somebody snaps a photo of you with your roots showing! Coloring your hair requires upkeep. A lot of people buy products at the drug store and unfortunately end up with multiple lines of color in their hair. Don’t make this mistake. Make an appointment in between your full color appointments and save money and embarrassment. Every 2 -3 weeks root touch up will also refresh the look of your originally colored hair and restore its healthy look. At that time, you are also ready for a small trim to prevent the ends splitting, causing broken hair. That means it will eliminate awful frizz.

  • Full color- $65+

    NATURALLY GORGEOUS HAIR COLORS What most clients are looking for is professional grey coverage, super conditioning shine, and beautiful natural looking hair colors with unsurpassed performance and minimum damage to the hair. We chose the most effective and healthiest color brands by Redken and PRAVANA to achieve the desired look. If you are looking for simply changing the color of your hair or to make a fashion statement SEXY HAIR HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY TO DO.

  • Men’s Color - $39 +

    Men, you want to age gracefully just as women do, so that means you to make your hair color look as natural as possible. Not using a professional will result in yellow and orange undertones that will let the whole world know you’re coloring your hair. Our hairdressers know that in order to achieve the desired hair shade it can require two lightening treatments so the look is natural. Our hairdressers can even incorporate some of your gray hair, for a sophisticated, gentlemanly, George Clooney look. Book a consultation today!

  • Men’s Fashion Color - $49 +

    Men’s Trendy Color For those of you wanting to keep up with popular hair color trends, (blue, purple, red, etc) our hairdressers are trained in the latest fashion colors and can give you exactly what you’re looking for! We offer different coloring techniques for desired looks. Ask our hairdresser which application technique will be right for you.

  • Double Dimension $ 95

    Double Dimension is a single application of color with Full or Partial highlights. This Redken Customized Hair Treatment includes a Trim and Blow dry. This technique will take care of color application including root areas and some highlights for creating some dimension during the same processing time. (This will eliminate extended time of processing as opposed to the separate technique)

  • Highlights or Lowlights $75+

    If you dream of having multiple blonde shades running through your hair like Jennifer Lopez, this Technique would be a perfect choice for you. Lowlights and highlights are essentially partial coloring techniques, adding a different shade to certain strands of hair so your finished look ends up having depth and more texture, as well as various complementary hues. Your hair color should never detract from your complexion, and too many highlights can make your skin look faded. We recommend adding lowlights every third time you get your hair highlighted.

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  • Additional color- $25



    OLAPLEX- $35

  • NEON-$25

    ..AND MORE